Vaccination is the gold standard, but is that the only solution?

The worldwide pandemic has spurred many new clinical trials to help treat or prevent COVID-19. Of note, two new clinical trials are underway which is showing promising results. If approved by the appropriate health agencies, these options could be part of the new standard of care. Convalescent plasma containing antibodies used from previous COVID+ patientsContinue reading “Vaccination is the gold standard, but is that the only solution?”

If I have blood type O will I be immune to COVID-19?

Scientists are trying to explain the link between different blood groups and COVID-19. Blood groups or blood types are defined by the proteins and sugar molecules that are present on the surface of red blood cells. The most well-studied blood groups are: A, B, AB, and O categories with addition of + or – forContinue reading “If I have blood type O will I be immune to COVID-19?”

Does Genetics Play a role in COVID-19?

image source here All about DNA – Curious ( COVID-19 is a virus that has caused a worldwide pandemic and is responsible for many deaths. It is safe to say that everyone has been affected by this virus, whether they had gotten infected themselves, known a loved one who was infected, or the mere factContinue reading “Does Genetics Play a role in COVID-19?”

Should I Wear a Cloth Mask?

Cloth masks are a fairly common choice and are worn by a large number of people. These masks are usually made from cotton material, and can be store-bought or home-made. Homemade masks have the benefit of adding more layers to increase the efficiency of the mask. This has the added benefit of having multiple designsContinue reading “Should I Wear a Cloth Mask?”

Mom, what is COVID-19?

A young boy, by the name of John, was once able to go to the park to play. His favorite part was building sandcastles, a fortress, and even making a sandstorm. He would play hours on end in the sandpit, until his mother would say: “John, it’s time to go back home.” That was theContinue reading “Mom, what is COVID-19?”