The Dark Side of the Moon Revealed

Have you ever wondered to yourself what really hides on the “dark side” of the moon? Truthfully, the answer is well…quite disappointing. The dark side of the moon is no darker than any other side of the moon, it just faces away from Earth, therefore, not having as much sunlight exposure of the surface toContinue reading “The Dark Side of the Moon Revealed”

Hello Science Weekly Fix Followers!

Many of our contributors have had changes in their schedules in the past couple months. Some interns have left our blog site altogether. We will be hiring new members to join our volunteer intern position. If interested in this position or to find out more, send an email through the contact form on this website,Continue reading “Hello Science Weekly Fix Followers!”

Black Holes- Mystery Solved?

If you ever sat back to consider the universe, one aspect you may have considered is black holes. How is it even possible that there is a hole in our Universe? Where does the hole lead? There are so many questions to consider. In order to understand the answers to all of these questions, oneContinue reading “Black Holes- Mystery Solved?”

The COVID-19 Vaccine…What is in it?

The COVID-19 vaccine is the current buzz in all of society due to its importance of saving millions of lives around the globe. However, many individuals debate whether or not they should get the vaccine, as they fear the ingredients, time of release, and possible side effects. Many people fear that with vaccines having aContinue reading “The COVID-19 Vaccine…What is in it?”

Time To Save The Dying Coral Reefs

For the past ten years, we have heard about the most beautiful coral reefs in the world dying by the day. Issues such as climate change and pollution most certainly impact the alarming rates at which the reefs are dying, but what is the true driving cause behind their downfall? The simple answer is humanContinue reading “Time To Save The Dying Coral Reefs”

The Truth About Blue Light Glasses

Have you ever wondered what blue light glasses really accomplish and why everyone has been rushing to buy them over the last year? Well, look no further! The purpose and product behind the blue light glasses lenses are as simple as this. Most individuals in society today are completely attached to their technological devices-whether itContinue reading “The Truth About Blue Light Glasses”

The Discovery of a Novel Methodology to Isolate Rare T-Cells to treat Auto-immune diseases: How this method is currently being used to combat COVID-19?

Source Everyday, our bodies are exposed to bacteria in the air we breathe or on surfaces we touch. Fortunately, we have a fast immune system kicking in to combat these interactions. This immune system is composed of many molecules, which includes leukocytes such as B cells and T cells. T-cells, also known as T-lymphocyte, isContinue reading “The Discovery of a Novel Methodology to Isolate Rare T-Cells to treat Auto-immune diseases: How this method is currently being used to combat COVID-19?”

Is Remdesivir a cure for COVID-19?

With COVID-19 becoming a world-wide pandemic and causing many people to fall ill, scientists and researchers began looking for a possible cure or treatment for COVID. COVID-19 is caused by a virus; SARS-CoV2, which is a virus similar to Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). Antivirals, such as Remdesivir, have been developed for MERS over aContinue reading “Is Remdesivir a cure for COVID-19?”

How to tell Planets from Large Stars

False-color view of Pluto, as seen by New Horizons in 2015. Image via NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI. The age-old debate over our solar system is whether Pluto is considered a planet or not. Most people would argue that Pluto is a dwarf planet, and some say that due to its size it can not be considered a planet,Continue reading “How to tell Planets from Large Stars”