Mission to Mars

A glimmer of hope was what the Mars mission showed us.

It was the first time that microphones were sent to Mars. Sounds were recorded of the winds by perseverance -the rover of NASA (Source). It is important to note that sounds travel differently on planet Mars than on planet Earth, and scientists are working on finding the source of a high-pitched sound that the rover had recorded in the audio file. The team at NASA hope to use Perseverance’s microphones in the near future to record the sound of the rover’s drill coring out the rock specimens.

With the launch of the Mars rover, NASA can collect biological samples for the first time ever since the discovery of water sources. This is an extraordinary moment in history as NASA scientists can use these samples to determine the habitability of the planet. Specifically, the samples being taken will be of the dirt and soil to examine the viability of cultivating crops to Mars (Hautaluoma et al, 1). Recent studies indicate by 2100, the Earth will be engulfed by a heat wave killing almost all of the marine life, forestry, and agriculture (Tollefson, 2). NASA’s goal is to determine if Mars will be the next stop on our journey in the galaxy. In fact, the livelihood of humanity may depend of the finds from the biological samples extracted from Mars.

-By: Maniza R & Haley M.

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