Black Holes- Mystery Solved?

If you ever sat back to consider the universe, one aspect you may have considered is black holes. How is it even possible that there is a hole in our Universe? Where does the hole lead? There are so many questions to consider.

In order to understand the answers to all of these questions, one must first figure out what exactly is meant by black hole. A black hole is an area in space where the gravitational pull is so strong that light cannot even escape. It typically has more mass packed into a small area. Black holes normally cannot be seen by usual astrological tools that show other masses in the sky, due to the fact that black holes are basically invisible. Black holes can only be seen through special tools known as ultraviolet telescopes.

So, having now determined what black holes are, we must ask where they come from. Black holes are formed after a star dies in its supernova explosion and the remnants form the star, if it is large enough, will then form the hole almost instantly.

Inside a black hole, time almost completely stops. Black holes slow time significantly when closer in range. Black holes do not have known ends, nor do we know what exactly is inside them, since the gravitational force basically compresses anything inside into small sub-particles.

Other than knowing what happens to objects once into a black hole, we do not know much more information on them. This is due to the fact that we do not have any close enough in range to us that are of appropriate size. Similarly, black holes can be minor in size or extreme. That being said, although the mystery of black holes was only partially solved, make sure to keep up to date with future research on black holes, because we never truly know what the current research scientists will discover. Different types of black holes are also being discovered each day, so make sure to keep looking into this topic.

-By: Dominique Preate -Intern at Science WeeklyFix

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