The Truth About Blue Light Glasses

Have you ever wondered what blue light glasses really accomplish and why everyone has been rushing to buy them over the last year? Well, look no further!

The purpose and product behind the blue light glasses lenses are as simple as this. Most individuals in society today are completely attached to their technological devices-whether it be a smart phone, tablet, laptop, television, etc. These electronics emit blue light from their screens that can cause possible permanent damage to the eye due to the amount of exposure. This causes worry for most people as screen time on devices was a record high during the pandemic. Thus, the field of optometry began developing glasses with a special filter that helps block these blue light ways and rays from damaging our eyes, especially your retina.

The reduction in the amount of blue light being taken by the human eyes then means a lower chance of having permanent eye damage from staring a screen for too long, so any glasses with the new marketed blue light filters are selling off of the store shelves faster than ever before. The quarantine period during the pandemic sent many people into a frenzy of electronic device addictions, thus leading the same people to go out to purchase glasses to protect their eyes from damage most likely caused in the time prior.

However, blue light glasses, in a way, work differently than we may think.

For example, most individuals view their electronic devices in bed at night before falling asleep. When we do so, these blue light rays cause our eyes to believe it is daytime, thus waking up our senses to be awake and active. Using blue light glasses prevent this strain from happening to our eyes if looking at a device at night, so that we are still able to become tired and fall asleep without being wide-awake all hours of the night.

That being said, it seems as if blue light glasses help more with getting a better sleep than actually protecting our eyes. Truthfully, that is about all of the positive effects proven so far, scientifically speaking, that show benefits from the blue light glasses.

Most eye problems in adults and teenagers come directly from the amount of time staring at screens and using electronics, or how close those electronics are to their eyes and what level of brightness for how long at a time. That means that with no official proof yet of actual health problems caused directly by blue light from electronics alone.

Scientists are saying that the major benefits of using blue light glasses are to improve sleep, keep senses balanced, and protect your eyes from other possible light that may be discovered in more research in the future. Until then, it is most likely that the only possible solution to these problems that technology cause for us of possible eye strain and future retina problems means cutting down on screen time as a whole, and instead choosing to go outside, enjoy the fresh air and be active.

-By: Dominique Preate -Intern at Science WeeklyFix

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