How the Trump’s Administration set to dismantle the CDC; and Biden’s Assembly of the Pandemic Taskforce

With the new UK COVID-19 variant making it’s way to the United States, the reports indicate this variant is more lethal due to its higher transmission rate. This means that the virus can spread faster and easier within a population, indirectly leading to an increased mortality rate.

To date, over 421,000 US citizens have died from COVID-19 . Unfortunately, this could have been prevented during the reign of the Trump’s Administration, if it wasn’t for the dismantling of the CDC.

Back in 2018, the top national security officials handling pandemics left abruptly due to the imposed funding cuts and they were not replaced by the Trump administration. As a result, by the time COVID-19 made its way to the United States, “both the structure and all the institutional memory [of the CDC] was gone

Former President Trump Resistance to National Shutdown [Source]

The American people suffered the most as their lives have drastically changed due to COVID-19. A pandemic response team could have saved the American people $900 Billion dollars in taxpayer money for the latest stimulus bill passed by the Trump Administration back in December of 2020 (Enter Source Hyperlink). And if that wasn’t enough, the Trump administration did a disservice to Americans by not shutting down the country which is counterproductive to providing stimulus aid and another $1.4 Billion dollar funding bill for the federal government .

After the 46th President of the United States of America, Joe Biden was sworn into the novel office on January 20th, 2021, he vowed to allocate funding accordingly and setup a proper task force to handle the pandemic.

Originally, this taskforce was created by President Biden, with consultation from his trusted advisors, back in November 2020. With former President Trump’s departure from the White House, it cleared the way for Biden to set in motion his plans to deal with the pandemic and assemble the remaining pieces of the CDC from the ground up all over again.

The 46th Presidential Inauguration Ceremony [Source]

By: Haley Matthews Intern at Science WeeklyFix

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