Mom, what is COVID-19?

A young boy, by the name of John, was once able to go to the park to play. His favorite part was building sandcastles, a fortress, and even making a sandstorm. He would play hours on end in the sandpit, until his mother would say: “John, it’s time to go back home.”

That was the case last summer, but this summer was different. John came up to his mother on a lovely summer morning to ask when he would get a chance to go back to the park. His mother took a deep breath and a moment to pause. Then she took John on her lap and explained. “We are not able to go to the park right now.” John was not happy. “Why not, I want to go, and I want to go now!”

This was going to be tough for the mother, but she took another moment to pause and think. “The parks are closed due to COVID-19” She said bluntly. John, was a bit confused. “Mom, what is COVID-19?”

Mom said, “COVID-19 is a virus, and viruses can cause diseases.”

“Oh”  said John

Right now, we need to be safe, and stay at home and avoid going to the park.

“Does the virus live in the park? Asked John

“It does not live anywhere, but it can spread anywhere, it depends who goes there and what they touch, cough, or sneeze on”

“Oh” said John

“Once it is safe, the health experts will let us know, and I will surely take you to the park when the time is right” said Mom

“But I really wanted to go to the sandpit” said John

“How about we make a deal, we will make our own sandbox here at home, as long as you promise me to help me clean up when we are done playing” said Mom

“Ok mom, that sounds like a great idea” said John

Mom knew that John would be happy that if he couldn’t visit the park, then we would have to bring the park to him.

John was a happy cheerful fellow.

By: Maniza R Science WeeklyFix

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